There are now many people who recommend that some highly paid actors take a shift. To know who they just kicked in the knee with a running start.

No. You don’t need such nimrods on the ward. That’s a job that doesn’t need any Greinmeichala. You need people with brains, character and stamina.

You find yourselves locked up right now? Then do the following: put on an FFP3 mask, walk around your apartment for eight hours, get undressed and dressed every ten minutes, turn over your life section person in bed every thirty minutes, learn your lines for your next play, and for every mistake you make, you have a 20 percent chance that a next of kin of yours will die. Also, every day you’ll have to take care of a corpse from your house and comfort the relatives. All without taking off your mask, of course.

You think that’s crazy and completely insane?

Yes. People at Covid stations have been doing that for a year. Every day. On top of that, they are attacked and insulted by patients and visitors and are constantly in danger of getting infected themselves.

And then people who earn many times more come along and ridicule them.